First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


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Smoke Session!

Its a good day to be high!

This piece hits so hard man! Oh! And I finally got my hair to be green and I’m so happy with it man! My blessings are here and I hope everyone has some too! Life is so good!

Double Trouble

A whole new world

I picked up this unique piece during these past couple days. It is a 18 mm that converts to two 14 mm bowls. Along with it, I also bought a new 14 mm bowl. I’m not sure im going to name it? Help me out please by commenting some suggestions.

On another note, I just want to say that I’m sorry I haven’t been posting the last couple days. I’ve been out and about lately.  I went to a near by ghost town named Calico ghost town, and then i visited a lot of shops. Then I went to Hollywood and hit the blvd. So like i said just crazy busy, but I’m back now! YAY!

Bedtime Bowls!

Smoke Session after Long day!

Today I visited Calico Ghost Town. It was so kool there. I hit the shops pretty hard a got a new bag for my bong’s safe travels. I hung out with an old friend and overall it was a great day! After long day of much needed adventure i came home and smoked a fat bowl. Sativa! oh and i also got a new grinder today yay!

Meet Dr. Phantom

Because after a visit with this doc the pain is merely a memory.

After a long debate, I finally decided to go with “Dr. Phantom”. He is my literal baby! Hits so smooth and clean. The bowl is an 18 mm that goes by the name “Pinhead”. Pinhead has a very deep interior. I’ll be saving him mostly for parties and kickbacks.

You Grow Flowers In My Lungs!


Dear Maryjane, 

In my lungs used to be heartache and pain. There were only cloudy days filled with rain. Pessimistic and antisocial.  Knocking knees I feel so loco. Inhale… Exhale.. They tell me to just breathe. Choking on my insecurities, is it really only me? Lost in the crowd, i simply look out, i opened my mouth, finally speaking up. So I Inhale… then i exhale… after firing it up. The rain dries away and i feel the suns shine. A rose in my chest blooms so full and bright. Leaving me here smiling even at night. My lungs stretch to roots and begin to roam, My life is great. That’s what i was shown. I have so many opportunities. optimistic and open-minded. My destination is out there and one day i shall find it. Thank you Maryjane for being there when no one else was. Thanxx for showing me it does get better and happiness is what you make it. Thank you for being you!