Lets take a tripp!

Ready for take off after a long and busy day out and about.


On a side note I’ve been thinking about doing a separate blog all about my life what do you guys think? should i or nah?


Spidey’s Trip

Throw back to this beautiful bowl i used to have but time has parted us sadly. His name is Peter Parker and he was the biggest bowl i ever owned. He was always the life of the party. also slightly in this pic is my exs bong named UFO but you know who cares…

My set!

This is my set-up on my shelf! Placed on it is my mini bong Ivy Rose ft Marley my 14 mm bowl. Fresh sack of some Indica with my nighty time lavender filled wax warmer. Lastly I have a Marley Mellow Tea to put me in the bedtime mood!


who am i?

My name is skyy. This is NOT my life. This is my adventure down the rabbit hole of love and other drugs. Here is a quick run down. I’m 18 turning 19 very soon. I smoke weed everyday! I am a student. I’m from California. Foxes are my spirit animal. I like red and green but not together. I’m down to earth but i often find myself lost in space. Pisces. writer. chill asf! WANDERLUST! I like my music the way i like my people! diverse. Smoke with me!?!?