Smoke Session!

Its a good day to be high!


This piece hits so hard man! Oh! And I finally got my hair to be green and I’m so happy with it man! My blessings are here and I hope everyone has some too! Life is so good!

Double Trouble

A whole new world

I picked up this unique piece during these past couple days. It is a 18 mm that converts to two 14 mm bowls. Along with it, I also bought a new 14 mm bowl. I’m not sure im going to name it? Help me out please by commenting some suggestions.

On another note, I just want to say that I’m sorry I haven’t been posting the last couple days. I’ve been out and about lately.  I went to a near by ghost town named Calico ghost town, and then i visited a lot of shops. Then I went to Hollywood and hit the blvd. So like i said just crazy busy, but I’m back now! YAY!

Bedtime Bowls!

Smoke Session after Long day!

Today I visited Calico Ghost Town. It was so kool there. I hit the shops pretty hard a got a new bag for my bong’s safe travels. I hung out with an old friend and overall it was a great day! After long day of much needed adventure i came home and smoked a fat bowl. Sativa! oh and i also got a new grinder today yay!